Change Does Not Happen Without Transparency

Today, two additional amicus curie briefs were filed in support of our petition for the release of the summary of Daniel Pantaleo's CCRB substantiated complaints. The briefs, filed by Communities United for Police Reform member organizations and several elected officials including NYC Council Progressive and BLA Caucuses, Manhattan Borough President and the NYC Public Advocate, support our continued demand for transparency in police officer records. The Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press, joined by 20+ news organizations, already filed their amicus brief in August.

Cynthia Conti Cook, Staff Attorney and lead litigator in this case and Criminal Defense Practice Attorney in Charge, Tina Luongo joined City Council Members, community advocates and other legal services organizations at a press conference on the steps of city Hall. Tina Luongo opened the press conference with a call for change, "Change does not happen without transparency. Change does not happen with accountability. We are calling for the release of Daniel Pantaleo's CCRB substantiated complaints and an end to secrecy. New Yorkers deserve transparency, the family of Eric Garner deserve transparency and real reform does not exists without it."