The Legal Aid Society Honors Senator Hassell-Thompson During Black History Celebration
MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2010
The Honorable Ruth Hassell-Thompson received a plaque for her outstanding support of the work of The Legal Aid Society during the Society's celebration of Black History Month. With her are Seymour James, Steven Banks, and Adriene Holder.

The Legal Aid Society honored State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson for her outstanding support of the work of the Society during the Black History Celebration last Friday.

Steven Banks, the Attorney-in-Chief, presented the Senator with a plaque that read:

Presented to: The Honorable Ruth Hassell-Thompson

In recognition of your outstanding support of The Legal Aid Society and its clients and your dedication to equal access to justice for all New Yorkers.

Signed by Fin Fogg, President and Steven Banks, Attorney-in-Chief

Senator Hassell-Thompson spoke at a special reception honoring all the black women and men who are members of The Legal Aid Family for their many accomplishments and contributions.

JoJo Annobil, Attorney-in-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit, discussed the Society's efforts as one of the City's key organizations assisting Haitian Immigrants apply for Temporary Protected Status.

The reception (which had to be rescheduled because of the weather) is part of the Society's celebration of awareness months over the course of the year in keeping with our commitment to diversity.