Bill Gibney Testifies Before NYC Council About Transparency In NYPD Reports
MONDAY, MAY 05, 2014

William Gibney, Director of the Criminal Practice's Special Litigation Unit, testified before the New York City Council Committee on Oversight and Investigations today in support of Proposed Introduction Number 119-A. The proposed law would require the Inspector General of the New York City Police Department to submit quarterly reports about the number and disposition of civil actions filed against the NYPD.

Claims against the NYPD have risen dramatically. Over the past five years the NYPD had more new claims filed against it than any other city agency and those claims have continued to rise every year. In 2002, the NYPD accounted for 15% of the money for claims paid by the city and in 2012 it amounted to 31% of such claims. This does not account for the price that was paid for bad policing within our communities. Gibney testified that "a management tool that provides stakeholders with critical information regarding claims and associated costs is a useful and very timely idea."