Amanda White Appointed Judge of the Family Court

We are pleased to share the good news that Amanda White, the Attorney-in-Change of Bronx Office of the Juvenile Rights Practice, has been appointed to a Family Court Judgeship by Mayor Bloomberg. She will begin her Judgeship on the 3rd of January, and her last day at JRP will be the 31st of December.

Amanda started as a staff attorney in the JRP Queens office in 1992, and transferred to the Bronx office in 1996. In 1997 she was promoted to a supervisor position in the Manhattan office, and then returned to the Bronx office in 1998 at the Deputy Attorney-in-Charge. She has been the Attorney-in-Charge of the Bronx office since 2000, and leaves us after 10 years in that position. Amanda has dedicated herself to both the clients of the Juvenile Rights Practice, as well as to JRP and LAS as a whole, and her legal skills and leadership will be sorely missed.