Abuse of Sexually Exploited Children
SUNDAY, MAY 09, 2010

The plight of children who are sexually exploited was highlighted by the recent arrest of football legend Lawrence Taylor. The Daily News in an article by William Sherman discussed the horror endured by the young girls at the hands of their pimps. Katherine Mullen, an attorney in the Juvenile Rights Practice and one of the primary advocates credited with getting the Safe Harbor legislation passed that provides protections for the young victims, told the Daily News that "I've had girls who have been dropped off at hospitals beaten, burned with hot knives, kids with broken eye sockets, girls with broken jaws."

Cait Mullen specializes in representing sexually exploited children, some as young as 10. These children fall prey to pimps to offer them money, clothes, food and a home. "The pimp says, 'If you really love me, you will do this for me,' have sex with these people," said Mullen, adding that pimps dictate every aspect of the girls' lives, right down to what they wear.

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