NY Daily News: 421-a continues to fail

Judith Goldiner's recent letter to the editor in the Daily News on Albany re-authorizing 421-a, and why it fails to produce real, affordable housing for New York families.

NY Daily News
421-a Continues to Fail
By Judith Goldiner
April 12, 2017

Manhattan: Aside from the fact that 421-a is fundamentally flawed and generates a finite amount of housing that is actually affordable for low-income families, the legislation adds insult to injury by failing to strengthen existing rent laws in this year's budget agreement while giving billions to landlords (“It’s called progress,” editorial, April 10). Over 2.5 million New Yorkers live in rent-regulated apartments and it’s the largest source of affordable housing in the city. Because of a relentless and well-financed real estate lobby combined with landlords incessant harassment of their tenants, this precious stock of housing is rapidly decreasing. What our leaders fail to recognize is that their big new programmatic roll outs to combat income inequality or housing will always fail if they neglect to support an already existing infrastructure that has meaningfully provided for low-income New Yorkers for decades. It’s really no wonder that despite new initiatives and investment from Albany and elsewhere, lack of housing and homelessness continues to be a growing part of everyday life in neighborhoods across this state.

Judith Goldiner, The Legal Aid Society

This letter originally appeared in The New York Daily News.