Youngblood v. Baldwin, 08 Civ. 05982 (NRB) (S.D.N.Y.)

Nature of Claims: Excessive force by jail staff. The complaint, filed in November 2008, alleges that Dupree Youngblood was beaten by a number of DOC officers and captains at the George R. Vierno Center on Rikers island on November 30, 2007. An officer reprimanded him for reasons he did not understand, and sprayed him with pepper gas when he tried to walk away. A “probe team” arrived at the housing area, and officers struck in the head with a baton and a helmet. He was struck on his back and head with batons and then punched in the nose and struck and kicked by a number of oficers as he was escorted to the intake area, and struck and kicked some more in intake. He was then sent by EMS to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was found to have sustained multiple head trauma, including bilateral nasal bone fractures (as well as a possible nasal septum fracture), lacerations to the back of his head, right eyebrow, left eyebrow and the bridge of his nose, and contusions to his left arm, scalp, face and neck. He was treated with 15 staples to the back of his head, 7 sutures to the right side of his face, 8 sutures to the left side of his face and 3 sutures to the bridge of his nose. Some months later, after he was out of City custody, he underwent nasal reconstructive surgery for his injuries. The case was settled in July 2009 for $240,000.

Current status: Settled.

Reported decisions: None.