Mull v. City of New York, 08 Civ. 8854 (LP) (S.D.N.Y.)

Nature of Claims: The complaint, filed in October, 2008, alleges that in March 2008, the 23-year-old plaintiff, held at the Anna M. Kross Center on Rikers Island, was walking towards the jail school area, where he was pursuing a G.E.D., when an officer with whom Mr. Mull had had an earlier verbal dispute left his post and followed Mull into the school area, ordered him against the wall, then punched him in the ribs. Another officer joined, and they proceeded to strike Mull a number of times, forcing him to the ground, where they then repeatedly banged his head on the floor. He was taken to the intake area, but was not seen in the clinic for six hours, after which he was transported by EMS to Elmhurst Hospital. A CT scan showed a traumatic brain injury, and Mr. Mull now has a seizure disorder as a result.

Current status: Pending.

Reported decisions: None.