Homeless Rights Project (HRP)

HRP is counsel in the landmark McCain litigation, which established the right to shelter and related assistance and services for homeless families with children in New York City. HRP has been recognized as a national leader in protecting the legal rights of homeless families and individuals. HRP is also counsel in New York City’s leading cases involving homeless single adults, Callahan and Eldridge.

HRP serves the homeless community in many ways. Through its class action cases, toll-free hotline, and regular outreach at the City’s PATH (Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing) Intake Center, HRP staff provide legal assistance to approximately 3,800 homeless families annually. HRP staff participates regularly in community education and training events and prepares publications that keep homeless families apprised of their rights. As counsel for the Coalition for the Homeless, HRP also provides representation to homeless single adults.

HRP continues to advocate for safe and sanitary shelter conditions and for sufficient amounts of permanent housing to enable homeless families with children to secure permanent homes. HRP provides legal assistance to ensure that homeless families and single adults are not turned away from shelter from the elements when they lack housing resources of their own.