Institutional Giving

In addition to government funding, The Legal Aid Society receives both general and programmatic support from private and corporate foundations. Not only does this backing enable the Society to serve a larger client population, it also helps to strengthen the connections between the Society and New York City as a whole.

Just as we always consider the ‘nonlegal’ issues that affect our clients and that may determine the success of our representation, we also appreciate the strategic value of corporate partnerships and the wider role we play in the social and economic fabric of our city. To this end, we gratefully acknowledge the support we receive from corporations and foundations—and will continue to actively seek new opportunities for further engagements.

The Legal Aid Society’s institutional supporters include the Robin Hood Foundation, the New York Times Foundation, MasterCard International, Pfizer, Travelers Corporation, and Time Warner—for a full list, please see the honor roll from our most recent annual report.

To learn more about giving as a private or corporate foundation or about corporate giving, please contact: