Juvenile Rights Practice Internship Opportunities

Trial Office

Interns in the trial offices will be assigned to work with a staff attorney or groups of staff attorneys on their cases in either the child welfare or juvenile justice areas. Those interning in the area of child welfare will work on mater that involve children who are the subject of abuse or neglect filings in Family Court. Those interning in the area of juvenile justice will work on matter that involve children 15 and under who are charged with juvenile delinquency in the Family Court. Work could involve legal research, home/school visits, interviewing of children and caretakers, motion practice and trial preparation.

Education Advocacy Project

Interns in our Education Advocacy Project (EAP) will intern with EAP staff in providing educational advocacy and assistance to clients in JRP’s child welfare and/or juvenile justice practice. Interns will work closely with EAP staff as well as trial attorneys and social work/paralegal staff in the offices. Work could involve legal research, interviewing children and caretakers, and preparing for and attending school meetings and/or hearings.

Special Litigation and Law Reform Unit (SLLRU)

Interns in our SLLRU will work closely with staff on impact litigation matters, legislative analysis and policy advocacy. Impact litigation includes current lawsuits as well as the monitoring of settlements from previous lawsuits. Legislative and policy advocacy is in child welfare, juvenile justice and education areas. Work could include legal research, client/facility visits, monitoring analysis and legal writing.

Appeals Unit

Interns in JRP’s Appeals Unit will work with appeals staff on research and writing for appeals in the areas of child welfare and juvenile justice. This internship involves comprehensive research and writing but will not provide client contact.