Order to Show Cause

Click here to view a sample Order to Show Cause.

If signed by a judge, an Order to Show Cause will stop your eviction.

To get an Order to Show Cause, go to the Housing Court Clerk's Office and ask for an Order to Show Cause. If signed by the judge, the Order will prevent your eviction until you can be heard in court. Ask the Clerk if you should wait or return early the next day. If you believe your eviction is scheduled for today, be sure to tell the Clerk that you cannot wait until the next day to get the Order to Show Cause.

In most cases, you must show two things in the Order to Show Cause:

  1. A good excuse for not going to court when you were supposed to, such as "I never received the court papers" or "I was sick," and
  2. A reason your landlord shouldn't win the case, such as "I paid some or all of my rent" or "I need repairs." (See "What to say in your answer" regarding answers in a nonpayment case and a holdover case).