FEPS Rent Assistance

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Who is eligible to receive FEPS?

You usually have to meet these requirements:

  • Have a child who is 18 or under living in the household (or over 18 and a full-time student)
  • Have a court proceeding concerning the nonpayment of rent. May be available for a move in a holdover case in which landlord demands possession of residence for reasons other than nonpayment of rent. If an applicant’s request of FEPS involves excess rent, a FEPS application can be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Be the tenant of record and have a lease for the housing or obtain a written agreement to stay for a least a year if the tenancy is nonregulated private housing.
  • Have no one in the public assistance (PA) system that is in sanction status. i. The household will lose FEPS when someone is in sanction status and will only resume receipt of FEPS once the sanction is lifted. ii. Arrears incurred during the period in which the household lost its supplement due to a sanction will not be paid.
  • Agree to have entire rent paid directly to landlord.
  • A Parks or Grant Diversion participant cannot contemporaneously participate in FEPS. Participants will be able to opt out of their assignment in order to receive FEPS; a participant must be approved for FEPS before being removed from the Parks/Grant Diversion assignment.

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Can I have roommates or people living in my housing that are not on PA?

Whoever is not on PA must contribute his/her pro rata share of shelter costs or 30% of income, whichever amount is less. This also applies to individuals receiving Supplemental Social Security (SSI).

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How do I process my application for FEPS?

You must have your application completed by an OTDA (Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance) authorized preparer (i.e. CBO, Legal Aid, or Legal Services) and the preparer will submit your application directly to OTDA. Click here for a list of preparers in Manhattan.

If OTDA approves the application, it will notify both the applicant and preparer and the authorized preparer will then contact the local Job Center that will subsequently process the FEPS approval.

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What does approval of my FEPS application do for me?

If approved for FEPS, a household can receive up to $7,000 in arrears payments. The $7,000 maximum can be increased for extenuating circumstances as determined on a case by case basis.

A household will also receive a monthly stipend (as explained below), in addition to the PA shelter amount, for up to 5 years as long as the household remains eligible. The time period can be extended for extenuating circumstances.

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How much will I receive?

Household Size
Shelter Allowance*
FEPS Supplement
Maximum Amount
1 $277 $373 $650
2 $283 $467 $750
3 $400 $450 $850
4 $450 $450 $900
5 $501 $499 $1,000
6 $524 $526 $1,050
7 $546 $554 $1,100
8** $546 $654 $1,200

*Shelter with child rate. **Add $50 for each additional household member

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Will receiving FEPS affect other portions of my benefits?

You may receive a shelter expense as much as $100 above the FEPS maximum but this portion will be taken from the Food and Other portion of the grant. FEPS will not be counted as income for Food Stamp purposes. Receipt of FEPS does not affect Medicaid eligibility.

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What happens if I am currently in the Jiggetts/TSS system?

You may stay in the Jiggetts system for two years, after which OTDA will transfer your case to the FEPS system (assuming you meet all the eligibility criteria aside from the court proceeding).

An early transfer of a Jiggetts case to the FEPS system will be determined for good cause on a case by case basis.

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May I move?

A family that is receiving FEPS may move, after OTDA approval under any of the following circumstance:

  • The family must move because it cannot pay the non-PA portion of the rent due to changes in family composition, rent increases, family income, and third party contributions.
  • The family receives a court-ordered vacate notice.
  • Other compelling reasons as determined by OTDA (i.e. safety, health, etc.)

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