My foster mother is hitting me and my sister, but told me that we’d get split up into two different homes if we told on her.

Foster parents are not allowed to hit foster children in their care. If your foster mother is hitting you, you should tell your law guardian or another adult you trust, like a teacher, a guidance counselor, or a school nurse about it.

If you and your sister were moved out of this foster parent’s home, it is almost certain that you would placed in a new foster home together. The law requires that brothers and sisters in foster care must be placed in the same home unless it would harm them to be together. In your case, if you and your sister were moved from your current foster home, ACS would have a duty to find another foster home where the two of you could be together, and your law guardian could ask the Family Court judge to order ACS to do that, and to report back to the court about you and your sister’s new foster home placement. If you did get separated when you were moved, ACS would have to get you back in a foster home together within 30 days.