I am going to be 18 next month and I’ve had it with foster care. I’ve heard that I can just sign myself out of care. How do I do that?

While it is true that a young person can choose to leave foster care once he is over 18 years old, it is very important that you discuss this decision with your law guardian before signing any papers or leaving care. If your main reason for wanting to sign yourself out of care is that you are unhappy in your current placement, your law guardian may be able to assist you in getting moved to a placement that you like better.

Even if you are positive about wanting to leave foster care, your law guardian can advise you about the steps you need to take to ensure that you get all the benefits you are entitled to, such as a discharge grant, and housing subsidies and preferences, and avoid problems such as a break in your Medicaid coverage. She, or a representative from her office, such as a social worker, can also attend your discharge conference at the agency with you.