I see my parents at agency visits, but I hardly ever get to see my older brother, who is in another foster home. What should I do?

If you haven’t already, you should let your caseworker know that you want to have visits with your brother, and you should keep on asking about them. In addition to that, however, you should call your law guardian and let her know that you haven’t been seeing your brother and that you want to. If you don’t have your law guardian’s phone number, and your foster parent doesn’t have it, you can usually reach her by calling one of these numbers:

Legal Aid Juvenile Rights Practice offices (call the JRP office in the borough where you lived when you first went into foster care):

  • Bronx (718)579-7900
  • Brooklyn (718)237-3100
  • Manhattan (212)312-2260
  • Queens (718)298-8900
  • Staten Island (718)981-0219
  • Lawyers for Children 212-966-6420

Your law guardian will work on getting you more visits with your brother by working with the agency and with ACS’ Office of Family Visiting and, if that does not work, by asking the court to order your agency and your brother’s agency to arrange visits for you on a regular basis.

If you cannot reach your law guardian, you can also try calling ACS’ Family Visiting Unit yourself (212-487-8630) and telling the people there about the problem you’re having seeing your brother. That office was set up to work out problems families with children in foster care were having with visiting, and the staff there should be able to help you.