Predatory Lending Project

Based in Queens, the Predatory Lending Project provides direct representation and advice to clients and advocates needing assistance with the following legal issues:

  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Deed theft and fraud related to property ownership
  • Debt collection
  • Identity theft
  • Restraining notices

Did you know…

Deed theft is a growing industry that victimizes homeowners, particularly in low-income communities, who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure.

Case Example

Ms. S, an elderly immigrant, was in danger of losing her home to foreclosure. She had purchased this home in 1989, after years of working as a cleaning woman and kitchen aide, and had raised her two children there. Desperate to keep her home, Ms. S fell victim to the scheme of a “foreclosure rescue expert,” who promised to lower her mortgage payments and then tricked Ms. S into signing over her deed. Instead of preserving her home, Ms. S lost her title along with her hard-earned home equity. Predatory Lending Project staff is now working with Ms. S to help her regain her ownership and remain in her home of over 15 years.