Housing Practice

With roughly 15,420 cases closed annually, housing work comprises the largest Civil practice area. Legal Aid staff provides the following assistance for clients with housing issues:

  • Preventing evictions
  • Representing tenant groups
  • Getting housing safety violations corrected
  • Obtaining and preserving housing subsidies
  • Challenging rent increases and overcharges
  • Obtaining rent increase exemptions for seniors and disabled persons
  • Preventing foreclosures

Did you know…

By helping New Yorkers keep their homes and stay out of homeless shelters, the Housing Practice saves the City and State of New York millions of dollars each year in shelter costs alone.

Case Example

Ms. G and her three children had been living in their rent-subsidized apartment for over ten years when they were evicted. For several years, the landlord had been illegally charging Ms. G for an increase in rent, which she had not been able to pay. When Ms. G approached The Legal Aid Society for assistance, Society staff immediately recognized that these rent increases were not Ms. G’s responsibility. After Legal Aid went to court for her, Ms. G was immediately restored to possession of her home, and the case against her was dismissed.