Housing Development Unit

The Housing Development Unit assists tenant associations, block associations, low-income housing co-ops, and not-for-profit housing organizations in:

  • Negotiating with landlords
  • Obtaining repairs
  • Fighting illegal rent increases
  • Buying buildings
  • Forming low-income co-ops

Did you know…

Since its inception in 1979, HDU has served more than 1,000 low-income tenants’ associations representing more than 30,000 families.

Case Example

When representatives of a tenant association in West Harlem approached HDU for assistance, their building was in need of extensive repairs. Conditions there included ceiling leaks, rodent infestation, and defective electrical outlets. When the landlord refused to make repairs, HDU helped the tenants to organize a rent strike and to pay their rent to a tenant association bank account. When the landlord brought non-payment proceedings against the tenants, HDU represented them in court. As a result, a court order directed the landlord to make repairs in the building, and awarded substantial rent abatements to the clients.