Homeless Rights Project

The Homeless Rights Project protects and enforces the legal rights of homeless families and individuals in New York City. The Project does this through a combination of:

  • Litigation on behalf of groups of clients
  • Direct client representation
  • Operation of a daily, toll-free hotline
  • Regular outreach in emergency housing facilities
  • The Project also serves as counsel to the Coalition for the Homeless.

Did you know…

Each night on average, 32,609 individuals sleep in City homeless shelters. Over 40% (13,616) are children.

Case Example

Mr. J and his son became homeless after an injury at work caused Mr. J to lose his factory job. The J family’s application for emergency shelter was denied, based on the claim that they could live with Mr. J’s sister in the Dominican Republic. At this point, Mr. J had been living legally in the United States for 25 years. Such a move was not only impractical, but also would have jeopardized the J family’s immigration status. Before HRP staff intervened, Mr. J’s application had been denied several times over the course of one month. Mr. J and his son had actually slept outside in a public park for a night during this period. Within one day, HRP succeeded in having Mr. J and his son approved for shelter, and they were therefore able to remain in the country and receive refuge from the elements.

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